River Brook Pools & Spas North Richland Hills


Mike Ostermann, Owner

Mike began his career in the South Florida Swimming Pool Industry helping his father-in-law, industry veteran Paul Fulmer, renovate his gold medal award winning pool. Soon after, Mike entered into the wholesale distribution side of the industry working for leading companies such as Horner Equipment in South Florida and then Pool Water Products and South Central Pool Supply in Texas.

After spending 15+ years on the wholesale side Mike decided to start his own business and began by building his own luxury custom pool and spa, each rich with unique features. He has been in business since 2003 and has grown from a small pool and spa service route to a thriving repair, renovation and construction company.



chrisChris Ostermann, Service Technician

Chris began his career in the Swimming Pool Industry in South Florida over 20 years ago. He spent half of his tenure on the wholesale distribution side of the business and the other half as a service technician. Chris relocated to Texas in 2009 to be closer to his family and join his older brother at River Brook Pools and Spas and has responsibility for the service division in addition to assisting with renovations and new construction.

chadChad Murrell

Chad is a native Texan and was born and raised in Tarrant County.  He started in the Swimming Pool Industry in 1996.  He has split his tenure amongst Swimming Pool and Spa Repairs and being a Service Technician. Chad joined River Brook Pools and Spas in 2012 and splits his responsibility between Repairs and weekly pool cleaning.




In Loving Memory of Paul Fulmer

Paul Fulmer joined the Swimming Pool Industry professionally in 1966 in South Florida.  Throughout his 40+ years in the industry he performed several different roles and achieved many significant accomplishments. Paul began like many others as a start-up mechanic and technician.  He quickly learned the ropes and moved on to construction for both commercial and residential projects.

Midway through his career he moved on to work within the wholesale distribution side of the business and subsequently began consulting for many of the major Swimming Pool equipment distributors and manufacturers.  During that time he dedicated a significant amount of time within research and development on subjects such as Electrolytic Generators, Pool Heater Heat Pumps and Exposed Underwater Surfaces and those efforts led him to obtain numerous patents and acclaim.

Paul also spent several years publishing his knowledge and educating others within the industry.  Of all his achievements the most significant would be the numerous design awards he received including a few for his own personal swmming pool and spa projects.  Some of his more recent specialties include the inclusion of underwater windows and the integration of custom sculptures into his designs.  He also grew a passion for swimming pool safety and has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort working with and perfecting spillover / vanishing edge illusions which enables zero hair/body entrapment dangers.

Paul officially retired in 1996 however he continued to nurture his love for design and education by staying actively involved in consulting and many of the projects of his son-in-law’s company River Brook Pools and Spas.  Paul unfortunately passed in the Spring of 2010.  His passion for his family and love for the Swimming Pool Industry will be dearly missed.