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Pool Cleaning Services

At River Brook Pools, we believe in exceeding expectations with everything we do. Nothing is more important to us and to do that, we must understand exactly what you are expecting from us with each service we provide. That’s why our pool-cleaning specialists take the time to speak with you about what your cleaning service will entail. Whether we clean your pool once, weekly or bi-weekly, it is important that you receive the highest quality service that can be provided each and every time.

Cleaning Service Packages

Bi-Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

This is by far the most effective, affordable service plan we offer. Pool cleaning bi-weekly can ensure you keep your pool free of algae, dirt and other radicals that cause build-up and other problems. By keeping your pool in the best condition, you save money by avoiding costly cleanings and repairs down the road.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

Weekly pool cleaning is the next level in pool cleaning service if bi-weekly is not right for you. Weekly cleaning can keep your pool clean and protect your investment.

One-time Cleaning Service

Depending on the condition of your pool, a one-time cleaning service can take from one to several days. In some cases, we may need to fully drain the pool in order to properly clean it.

Will you need to drain my pool?

There are a few key indicators that can help you determine if we may need to drain your pool in order to properly clean it.

  1. The first indicator is your ability to see the bottom at the deeper end of the pool, you can be fairly certain we will need to drain the pool.
  2. Algae on the side of the pool walls that is difficult to remove with your hand, we will likely need to drain the pool.

Is acid washing required?

No, if we can clean the pool without using acid wash, we will. Often, the pool may be cleaned and contain a few marks, blemishes or imperfections that you may decide are not worth acid washing to remove. After we clean the pool, we will discuss the results and then make a determination if acid washing is needed.



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