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Spillover Pools

Here at River Brook Pools and Spas we are passionate about swimming pool safety and that is why we specialize in SPILL OVER (aka infinity edge) designs.

The statistics are alarming, since the 1980’s there have been at least 147 incidents documented of suction entrapment in swimming pools, including 36 deaths. We like to encourage anyone who owns or is considering building a pool or spa to perform a search on “swimming pool entrapment” to learn more about the hazards, find out about the Virginia Graeme Baker Act and get the information and the education you need.

According to numerous studies, five entrapment hazards have been identified related to swimming pool “main drains”.

  • Body entrapment
  • Limb entrapment
  • Hair entrapment
  • Evisceration (disembowelment)
  • Mechanical entrapment

There are standards in place which require that, when submerged suction outlets (main drains) are used, each outlet should be protected by a cover that meets the appropriate suction fitting standards. When in place, with water flowing at or below the listed flow rate, these covers will prevent all five hazards. But what if the approved cover is not installed correctly or becomes dislodged?

This is why we subscribe to the significantly noted concept that elimination of the hazard(s) can be accomplished all together by NOT building main drains in new pools.

If requested, we will design and build swimming pools and spas excluding the spill over feature while taking all steps necessary to MITIGATE the entrapment hazards. Our preference however, and the recommendation of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision, is to ELIMINATE the drain entrapment hazards in pools and spas by installing a spill over feature and avoiding main drain usage.

What is the spill over design concept?

A spill over pool or spa is a vessel that has been constructed with the illusion of extending all the way to the horizon. From the right perspective, the pool or spa seems to stretch on endlessly. This eye catching design started to catch on in the 1990’s and many luxury resorts and luxury homeowners quickly adopted the design.

There is a myth however that this design is costly and complicated to install. We disagree and have found that not only is this design the most aesthetically pleasing it has also proven to be safer, makes your swimming pool or spa easier to clean and maintain and is ultimately more cost effective!

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about spill over pools and spas and the many benefits this design concept provides.